Building next generation LoRaWAN® devices

Generic Node platform simplifies building LoRaWAN devices. From concept to production, the Generic Node platform shortens LoRaWAN device development lifecycle by providing reference hardware design and source available firmware.

Generic Node render


Each Generic Node device provides a set of features that can be used as it is or modified to achieve desired functionality.

Device on-board components reflect a number of design decisions that prioritize security, low power and long range. The inherited feature set provides a foundation that can be tailored and used in various environments.


Generic Node open source implementation opens the door for various integrations and continuous device development. This project is actively maintained by The Things Industries.

Generic Node Sensor Edition reference hardware design can be used for device customization and production. Boilerplate software can be used to build various LoRaWAN use cases and applications.


The success story of The Things Stack, an open source LoRaWAN network server, and the large developer community of The Things Network enable the continuous improvement of the Generic Node platform.

We welcome your development contributions at the Generic Node Sensor Edition repository. Documentation contributions are welcomed at Generic Node Documentation repository.

Custom solutions and related support is offered by The Things Industries.