Sensor Edition: app_template

The app_template provides a bloat-free template for starting with application development. Developers can customize this application, add their source files and build configurations according to their needs.

Sensor Edition: basic

The basic application is mainly used to test the hardware of the GNSE.

Sensor Edition: basic_azurertos

The basic_azurertos application provides a basic example of Microsoft Azure RTOS functionality.

Sensor Edition: basic_bootloader

The basic_bootloader application provides a basic bootloader that can be combined with other applications to perform a specific functionality at boot time.

Sensor Edition: basic_freertos

The basic_freertos application provides a basic example of Amazon FreeRTOS functionality.

Sensor Edition: basic_fuota

The basic_fuota application provides a basic example of LoRaWAN FUOTA (Firmware Update Over The Air) functionality.

Sensor Edition: basic_lorawan

The basic_lorawan application serves as a basic template for LoRaWAN applications.

Sensor Edition: freefall_lorawan

The freefall_lorawan application is used to detect free fall events and also serves as a template for acceleration detection handling.

Sensor Edition: freertos_lorawan

The freertos_lorawan application provides an example of LoRaWAN class A application using FreeRTOS.

Sensor Edition: secure_element_lorawan

The secure_element_lorawan application showcases LoRaWAN functionality using a HW secure element (ATECC608A-TNGLORA).

Sensor Edition: sensors_lorawan

The sensors_lorawan application samples the on-board device sensors information and transmits the sensor data over LoRaWAN.