Sensor Edition Hardware Setup

Sensor Edition Hardware Setup

This section shows how to set up the necessary tools to explore and customize the hardware design.

Get familiar with the Generic Node Sensor Edition Board

Before going deep into Generic Node Sensor Edition and customizing its hardware design, it is a good idea to learn about its on-board components and peripherals. See the Sensor Edition Hardware section.

Clone the Generic Node Sensor Edition repository

Check out the Generic Node Sensor Edition Github repository to get familiar with the available hardware design files.

Clone the repository to get its local copy on your machine by running the following command:

$ git clone --branch develop \
--recurse-submodules \
If you are not too familiar with Git, visit the official GitHub documentation to learn how to clone a repository.

Set up hardware design tools

Follow the Sensor Edition Hardware Design Tools section to setup hardware design tools in order to further explore Generic Node Sensor Edition schematics and PCB layouts.