ST-LINK Programming Methods

Choose the developing tool that best fits your preferences.

Keep in mind that for all options, the Generic Node Sensor Edition needs to be powered, which is not necessarily done by the programmer.


STM32CubeProgrammer allows for multiple configuration options to work with any ST-LINK probe. It has both a graphical and a command-line interface, as well as support for multiple operating systems.


If you are using STM32CubeIDE as your build environment, then using the same tool to program your Generic Node Sensor Edition is convenient.


OpenOCD is commonly used for on-chip debugging, but can also be used to easily program executables via CLI and VSCode.

USB Mounting (Drag-and-Drop)

The ST-LINK probe can work similarly to a USB storage device, where you can simply place data on from your computer. When you place a binary executable on it, it will automatically program it onto the Generic Node Sensor Edition. This technique is suitable for anyone that does not want to install any extra software.